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  • AU/NZ permanent resident
  • Specialist International Medical Graduate

Prevocational doctors

51 provides substantial support for prevocational doctors to develop relevant competencies.           


For over 80 years the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (51) has been recognised as the authoritative body for standards and training in surgical practice in Australia and New Zealand. Accreditation is given by the Australian Medical Council, on behalf of the Medical Board of Australia, and the Medical Council of New Zealand to conduct training and education of surgeons in each of the nine surgical specialties. The Surgical Education and Training (SET) program promotes high quality, efficient surgical education and training through early selection into specialty training - surgical Trainees are selected directly into the specialty in which they will undertake specialist surgical education and training.           

Admission to Fellowship

Fellowship admission to college is not immediate or automatic. To support your application and ensure all requirements are met, we undertake a thorough sign-off process.

Find your pathway...

To help you decide which pathway may be relevant, an initial self-assessment check and overview of the specialist pathways is provided as a guide. The self-assessment questions will assist you to determine which pathway to apply for as an IMG wishing to practice surgery in Australia.

Question 1:

I have a specialist medical qualification in surgery from a country other than Australia or New Zealand.

Question 2:

I intend to undertake further training in Australia for a short-term only to complete my specialist skills.

Question 2:

I intend to undertake further training in Australia for a short-term only to gain advanced specialist skills.

Question 3:

Please select the option which most closely applies to you:

Contact AHPRA as you may be eligible for the standard pathway or competent authority pathway.

You may be eligible for the specialist pathway (specialist recognition and Area of Need)

You may be eligible for the short-term training in a Medical Specialty Pathway.

You may be eligible for the specialist pathway (specialist recognition)

Specialist International Medical Graduates

This area contains general information for Specialist International Medical Graduates (SIMGs) wishing to practice in Australia and New Zealand.